Make sure winter doesn't put a spanner in the works

Make sure winter doesn't put a spanner in the works

A Winter Health Check at Breeze Volkswagen can ensure your vehicle is ready to face the worst of the winter weather.

For just £20 this seasonal service includes the 34-point Express Visual Check, a car care pack, wash and vacuum.

The visual check will help identify any parts that require work or replacement for safety reasons. It will also point out areas of the car that may require attention at a later date.

All of the information gleaned from the check is relayed to the customer via a simple traffic light reporting system where green means an item is in full working order; yellow means it is safe and legal, but may need maintenance in the future; and red means it could require immediate attention.

Among items included in the Winter Health Check are tyre pressures and tyre tread depths, both of which are important for safe winter motoring thanks, of course, to the season?s often difficult driving conditions.

Customers can keep their car in tip-top shape through the worst of the weather, too, as they go home with a car care kit that comprises anti-freeze, de-icer, rubber care materials and a handy ice scraper.

Call on 01202 713000 to book your Winter Health Check.

Offer available until 31st January 2018.