Don't let winter put a spanner in the works

Don't let winter put a spanner in the works

In colder weather, keeping on top of your car maintenance is more important than ever, which is why we're offering Winter Heath Checks for just £20.

Our technicians will cast their expert eye over the key areas of your car, to make sure it's safe and set up for winter.

They'll also top up your fluids, analyse the performance of your battery and recharge if necessary.

Here's what's included:

  • Battery check with report (and charge if required)
  • Oil, washer and coolant top-ups
  • 34point Express Visual Check (EVC)
  • Wash and Vacuum

Don't forget to ask about our Winter Care Kit for just £20, helping you tackle wintery roads with even more confidence.

Call 01202 713000 to book your appointment.

Offer valid until 31/01/2017.