Updated Volkswagen Golf SV open for order

Updated Volkswagen Golf SV open for order

The updated Golf SV goes on sale at Breeze Volkswagen today. The Golf SV is a versatile family car that combines enhanced interior space with all the award-winning features of the Golf hatch and Estate models.

In the SV, the driver and passengers sit higher than in the Golf hatch and Golf Estate, and features such as a sliding rear bench ensure the car is adaptable on the inside yet compact on the outside.

A longer wheelbase is the starting point of the Golf SV?s superior practicality. At 2,670 mm, it is 50 mm longer than the Golf hatch and Golf Estate. This enables the sliding rear seat bench to be moved backwards by up to 180 mm. The driver and front passengers sit between 573 mm and 633 mm above the road, and for the rear passengers the figure is 619 mm. That?s around 85 mm higher than in the Golf hatch. The length of the Golf SV is 4,351mm ? so it fits between that of the Golf hatch and the Golf Estate.

With the whole family aboard, infotainment becomes increasingly important. The Golf SV offers the option of Volkswagen?s top level Discover Navigation Pro unit which has a pure glass 9.2-inch touchscreen. The Discover Navigation unit in the revised Golf SV is up from 6.5-inches to 8.0-inches and the same figures apply to the Composition Media unit. This means every Golf SV is now equipped with an infotainment touchscreen system of at least 8.0-inches in size, along with a CD player, DAB radio and simultaneous pairing of two mobile smartphones via Bluetooth.

Interior practicality is matched by exterior looks thanks to the revised features on this updated model. The Golf SV has a new optionally available full-LED headlamp set up and the radar for the driver assist systems has been relocated to sit neatly behind the Volkswagen roundel. New bumpers at the front and the rear sharpen the styling. At the rear, the lights are all-LED and the diffuser trim has been revised.

The space behind the Volkswagen roundel houses the hardware required to activate a range of technological features that bring driver assistance to the Golf SV. For the first time, the model is available with Front Assist and Predictive Pedestrian Monitoring.

This is now standard on all Golf SVs and, together, the technologies monitor the traffic ahead of the car and check for pedestrians stepping in front of the vehicle. Both systems prime the brakes if a collision is detected, and will apply the brakes if the driver doesn?t respond.

Traffic Jam Assist is also available on the Golf SV for the first time. It takes the strain out of driving in stop-start traffic by utilising the front radar to track the movement of the car ahead and automatically accelerate and brake the Golf SV as is required.

Additional technology includes Emergency Assist, which attempts to awaken the driver if they become unresponsive and, if necessary, will bring the Golf SV to a complete stop with the hazard warning lights flashing. This is available on SE, SE Nav and GT trims. Park Assist 3.0 adds the functionality of manoeuvring out of parallel parking spaces, and Trailer Assist joins the Golf SV tech line-up for the first time.

Also available are two new colours, Cranberry Red and Reflex Silver, and four new alloy wheel designs.

The Golf SV range retains the familiar walkthrough from S to SE, SE Nav and GT. Joining the SE Nav and GT trims is Volkswagen?s new 1.5-litre TSI EVO engine that features ACT, Active Cylinder Technology. This means the engine will shut down two of its four cylinders to reduce fuel consumption whenever possible. When the engine is in this mode an ?Eco? light illuminates on the instrument binnacle. The engine is available in 130 PS and 150 PS forms.

A total of four turbocharged (TSI) petrol engines, ranging from 85 PS to 150 PS, are joined by two turbocharged diesel (TDI) units, a 1.6-litre 115 PS motor and a 2.0-litre 150 PS powerplant. Five- or six-speed manual gearboxes are available, as well as a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox.

For more details on the Volkswagen Golf SV range, call our sales team on 01202 713000 or pop in to our Tower Park, Poole showroom.

Updated Volkswagen Golf SV
ModelEngineGearboxCO?Price (RRP OTR)
S1.0 85 PS TSI5-sp man112£20,475
S1.0 110 PS TSI6-sp man113£20,815
S1.0 110 PS TSI7-sp DSG113£22,230
S1.6 115 PS TDI5-sp man110£22,860
S1.6 115 PS TDI7-sp DSG107£24,275
SE1.0 110 PS TSI6-sp man113£21,565
SE1.0 110 PS TSI7-sp DSG113£22,980
SE1.5 130 PS EVO TSI6-sp man116£23,095
SE1.5 130 PS EVO TSI7-sp DSG116£24,490
SE1.6 115 PS TDI5-sp man110£23,610
SE1.6 115 PS TDI7-sp DSG107£25,025
SE2.0 150 PS TDI7-sp DSG119£26,445
SE Nav1.0 110 PS TSI6-sp man113£22,315
SE Nav1.0 110 PS TSI7-sp DSG113£23,730
SE Nav1.5 130 PS EVO TSI6-sp man116£23,845
SE Nav1.5 130 PS EVO TSI7-sp DSG116£25,240
SE Nav1.6 115 PS TDI5-sp man110£24,360
SE Nav1.6 115 PS TDI7-sp DSG107£25,775
SE Nav2.0 150 PS TDI7-sp DSG119£27,195
GT1.5 130 PS EVO TSI6-sp man118£25,245
GT1.5 130 PS EVO TSI7-sp DSG118£26,640
GT1.5 150 PS EVO TSI7-sp DSG118£27,570
GT1.6 115 PS TDI5-sp man113£25,760
GT1.6 115 PS TDI7-sp DSG109£27,175
GT2.0 150 PS TDI7-sp DSG122£28,595

*Fuel consumption and CO? figures are obtained under standardised EU test conditions (Directive 93/116/EEC). This allows a direct comparison between different manufacturer models but may not represent the actual fuel consumption achieved in ?real world? driving conditions. More information is available on the Volkswagen website at www.volkswagen.co.uk and at www.dft.gov.uk/vca